Thank You God

As I began to think about Thanksgiving coming soon, I began to think about all of my many blessings and everything I have to be thankful for. Thoughts of thankfulness and prayers to God started filling my heart and soul and began pouring out through my heart and soul touching my fingertips and spreading out the joys of love, praise and thanksgiving onto the keyboard of my computer…… and here they are……


I need to and love to pray to the Lord as HE is so awesome. He has saved my life so many times and He is a part of me and who I am. I must serve Him all of the rest of my days. When He has spoken to me He taught me that I must forget my past and yesterday as it is and has been slowly killing me with regret and my inability to forgive myself of my past transgressions, words and behaviors. Now I have learned and know that I must live for this very second of today and this moment only and onward. Now is all I have and is all I know.

I must live today and tomorrow and serve the Lord all the rest of my days as He wants me to live and how He calls me to serve his RIGHTEOUS SELF. I thank Him for each breath and each new day of my life on earth. I love praising and worshiping Him for all HE has done for me and all He continues to do.Praising and worshiping my Lord in words and music helps me to feel the love and closeness of my Lord and Savior and also to feel the love of the Holy Spirit so strongly and deeply within my heart and soul that it almost makes me fall to my knees.

Thank you God. I adore everything about you forever and always. Thank you for saving my life once again. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


My life and brain are completely different than what they were like last weekend. If you did not read my post from last weekend, here is a link  of the post so you can read it and understand what it is like to live with and inside a Bipolar mind with rapid cycling.

The one benefit with living within a severe bipolar rapid cycling mind and surviving a severe dark suicidal depression is that after I survive, I can see the brightest most beautiful light of life again. There is nothing more beautiful to see, feel or experience unless you have seen the deep dark depths of hell which I did see, experience and survive last weekend. Thankfully, God saved my life again.

I once again appreciate and love every blessing and everything about my life again. I am so happy to be alive! Oh, the wonderment and amazement of my Bipolar brain and how it can change so abruptly at the levels of poles it reaches. It fascinates me…..

Thank you God. I adore everything about you forever and always. Thank you for saving my life once again. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


Link   I Just Survived a Weekend of Bipolar Hell – Thank You God For Saving My Life


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