I Do Not Have a Mental Health ISSUE

Sometimes mental health providers and professionals try to dummy down the words of mental illness to protect us or someone for some unknown reason to me. They think it will help people feel comfortable by calling it an issue instead of what it actually is. We are not dumb and we do not need to be protected. No one is fooled and if they are fooled they need to be educated quickly to the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth. The name of my illness needs to be defined and expressed to society using the correct and accurate real name, terminology and definition of what it really is.

I have Bipolar Disorder and my severe Bipolar Disorder is a mental illness. Mental illness is not a mental health issue. I do not have a mental health issue. I have a mental illness and a disease inside my brain, but it is definitely not an issue. It is true that I am trying to obtain good mental health, but my illness is not a mental health issue.

Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Schizophrenia and many more names of mental illnesses are sometimes very severe and debilitating illnesses and diseases inside many individual’s brains, so do not insult these illnesses by belittling their names and calling them issues. Call them what they are. Illness and disease are both correct terminology to use to define and refer to the many Mental Illnesses people have.

I am overweight. I caused my weight issue, so I should be able to lose weight. I have a weight issue and financial issues, but I do not have a mental health issue. I have a mental illness, which is a disease in my brain. Please, quit calling it an issue.

If my severe Bipolar Disorder was just an issue, I would not have lost my teaching career, income, home, friends, husband, and identity. If I think I have an issue, it makes me feel even less of myself because I believe I should be able to fix what is wrong with me by myself. I cannot fix my Bipolar Disorder and mental illness by myself. I need medical attention and professionals and a group of people that support me.

An issue seems so much less serious than what it actually is. If someone has an illness or disease, they know they need to seek medical attention and people are not ashamed about it. Therefore, if we stop calling these severe illnesses mental health issues they will be taken more seriously and people will seek medical attention sooner. They won’t be afraid to talk about it and will not be ashamed that they have a mental illness and brain disease.

Mental illness is not a character flaw or something you caused or an issue. It is an illness that we can talk about and we can survive. We should all celebrate. We are mental illness survivors. Hurray for us!!!

Thank you for listening to me rant and rave about another one of my pet peeves in the world of mental illness. Actually, thank you for reading all of my many words about my ranting and raving.


Another pet peeve…..

No One Chooses Suicide     



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