I Need My Best Friend Every Morning (Daily Word Prompt is Percolate)

A friend is someone you like and enjoy being with. I have a very best friend…. a bestie. When I wake up in the morning, she is one of the very first things I think about. I can’t wait to see her so she can help start my day.

However, there is a big problem. My dear beautiful friend is not a good influence on me or very healthy for me to see every morning. She escalates my hypomania by causing me to sometimes become more excessively energetic and hyper and causes me to talk more and at a faster rate, if you can believe that. I notice the increase in my hypomania after being around her, but I still need her. I think I am addicted to her and I love her. Her name is Coffee.

Coffee’s best friend is a coffee pot that I have living in my kitchen. Coffee needs this coffee pot to live and survive. But, the coffee pot despises me right now and is purposely demonstrating this by not working properly. My coffee pot is very old and cannot percolate my coffee anymore turning my coffee into this tasteless disgusting ugly brown hot water crap that I cannot remotely drink or even call coffee.

Because I am addicted to coffee, every morning still half asleep with a bedhead full of hair, I throw on some old probably dirty sweats and drive to the nearest Kwik Trip to buy a large cup of coffee to start my day. Coffee is still a dear friend to me there, but it is not the same. I need and want my fresh brewed morning coffee to begin in my own home.

I have to buy a new coffee pot and am very excited to welcome my brand new coffee pot into my home. I am sure my “bestie” coffee will love and welcome our new coffee pot with open arms of hot liquid. Hopefully, my new coffee pot and my coffee percolate perfectly together.

I love you Coffee and thank you for always being there for me. Yum!




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