Save a Bipolar Mind


Please stop speaking and behaving like a mean old tart

leaving a sour bitter taste in my mouth, mind and heart

Your spoken words loudly grumbling and rumbling like a smelly old fart

leaving a fowl lingering disgusting smell of words I try removing and taking apart

I forgive you and will try forgetting the past

your ignorance and stupidity will not last

Your stigma is the reason for some of my pain

causing much discrimination in my Bipolar brain

Stop and think of your behavior before your negative words start to fly

 your cruel actions and words hurt causing these sorrowful eyes to cry

Bipolar Disorder is a severe illness and is very real

try to be caring and understanding of how it must feel

We all need people to love us and to be kind

save a life of a person with a Bipolar mind

–written by Sue Walz



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