I Will Vote Tomorrow


Everything about the upcoming election has been extremely irksome for me. The candidates in the Presidential election as well as the local elections have done nothing but bash each other with constant negative and unkind words and statements about each other. We have absolutely no idea if any of these statements are true or false?

I thought politicians were supposed to educate people about their policies, tell us why they are the best candidate for the position and explain to us how they are going to make our country better. That way we would learn who would be the best candidate for the President and we would know who we should vote for based on their political views and policies. Instead, all we hear about is their constant hate for one another.

Tomorrow is the big day. I will vote tomorrow and then later throughout the day and evening I will be watching as the results slowly come in and tell us who the next President of the United States of America will be.

Unfortunately, tomorrow evening may be a very irksome slow agonizing process and evening of television, especially depending on what the outcome of the election is. I actually pray the President of United States will be who I voted for. I am nervously excited for the election tomorrow and for the entire election process to finally be over.

God is actually the one in charge of our lives and our country and everyone and everything in it. He, of course, is really the one that matters and who I answer to. He has a plan for all of this and he all ready knows all of the answers. He knew the outcome before it all began.

Praise God


God Bless America!





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