I Get to Sleep in This Morning


I relish this morning as it is the one morning I get to sleep in late. I lay under my comforter enjoying the softness, heaviness and warmth it emits covering and relaxing my body more and more. My eyes are closed as my mind begins to awaken.

Thoughts gradually start racing and speeding up throughout my brain. This is what my Bipolar mind usually does, so I am used to it. My racing thoughts are positive and good thoughts, so the rest of my body is still comfortably relaxing in my bed until I feel an abrupt intense piercing needle like stab in my big toe. This startles me upward in my bed and angers me realizing it is my cat Ozzie’s razor sharp claw.

Instinctively, I yell at my naughty kitty and realize he is trying to wake me up because it is past his morning breakfast time.  After yelling at my kitty, I lay back down, relax and gently close my eyes again enjoying the extra time I have in the comfort of my bed. It is such a great feeling to be able to lay back down in my bed again, relaxing just a little bit longer.

Soon, I open up my eyes again and what to my wondering eyes should appear but two big piercing marble eyeballs intensely glaring at me just a few inches from my face. This was quite an unexpected sight and startled me as I was not anticipating seeing my cat Percy’s eyeballs in my face when I opened my eyes. His big beautiful eyes seemed to be shining and reflecting off of his beautiful black shiny fur coat.

My cats must have been plotting and scheming how to wake me up all morning as it was way past their morning breakfast time. Even though I was enjoying my extra time sleeping in this morning, my cats were not happy as their internal morning alarm clocks have been going off repeatedly inside of them. They must have had to hit their internal snooze alarms many times as this was much later than they were used to me waking up and feeding them.

I knew my cats were no match for me. They are too smart, tricky and naughty for me. I must face the truth. My cats are the rulers of my home. They are in charge of my house, my bed and their food. Time for me to get up. No more sleeping in for me. Just a lesson for everyone. You may not sleep in for an extra hour if you have…



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