Trick or Treat… or Treat and Treat?

Halloween is like Bipolar Disorder in the sense that it has the saying “TRICK or TREAT” which are two opposite words in their actions and meaning. This is similar to Bipolar Disorder as people with Bipolar Disorder have to live with frequently changing moods that are opposite in meaning and actions and are at opposite ends of our mood poles. Our moods change from Mania to depression and depression to mania rapidly and frequently at varying rates and frequencies for each person. Our brains play a TRICK on us. “TRICK or TREAT!”

I am very happy that my Bipolar Disorder is a TREAT today and not a TRICK. My Bipolar symptoms are on the upswing today or maybe not even swinging at all. My Bipolar symptoms and my mood are actually at a nice constant positive and good mood pole right now. I pray this is going to be the way I feel for a very long time. I am doing well, feeling well and feel “normal” my “normal” anyway and I love it. Thank you God and my brain for that and for cooperating with me and my life! Thank you for my TREAT!!!

As we know, sometimes it is a trigger that will cause our brains to play a TRICK on us and at other times our brains will play a TRICK on us by just switching our mood poles for no apparent reason. Surprise! Our brains played a TRICK on us. Out of the blue, we can become very depressed and experience suicidal depression. It can happen very quickly and unexpectedly for no reason, whatsoever. Just like a “TRICK” at Halloween, but what a horrific TRICK it is.

However, since Bipolar Disorder switches back and forth, when an individual is experiencing a deep dark depression their mood can also switch back again unexpectedly to a good and happy positive mood. I always praise God when that happens! So, sometimes the TRICK is a TREAT. At times, Bipolar Disorder can be good to live with, as well. Often people with Bipolar Disorder experience euphoria, happiness, and positive moods. People who have Bipolar Disorder can also have positive characteristics of being extremely, creative, artistic, talented, intelligent, compassionate, kind, strong, courageous, and successful individuals. Now these things, of course, are a very nice delightful TREAT. Hopefully, everyone is experiencing a TREAT today and not a TRICK.

Have a Happy Halloween everyone. NO TRICKS….  just TREATS!”

Have a very Happy and safe Halloween….. “TREAT and TREAT!”





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