Sometimes You Just Need to Laugh… hahaha snort…

Twenty Random Thoughts From My Random Brain

  1. I laugh a lot and laugh at very stupid things, the dumber the better… hahaha….
  2. I am a snorter. When something is very funny I will laugh hard and have a unique and loud laugh that sometimes makes people laugh. Sometimes I snort when I laugh and I usually snort quite loud. My snorting will make me laugh more and then I snort again and then my snorting will make me laugh again…. and then I will snort again and this repetition of laugh, snort, laugh, snort continues until I become exhausted from laughing too much.
  3. I cannot pronounce the word “toilet” correctly. I call that white commode we pee and poop in a “Twaalet.” I have no idea why I cannot say the word “toilet” correctly. I try hard and concentrate before I say it, but I still cannot pronounce it correctly. Maybe it is because my brain goes too fast and I talk too fast. “I will be right back I need to go use the twaalet.”
  4. Orangutans fell in love with me. When I was a little girl it was stylish, I guess, to wear big fake furry coats. My mom loved to make me wear these kind of coats, which made me look even chubbier than I all ready was. We went to the St. Paul zoo a lot. They had a small Orangutan cage and the poor Orangutans would just sit peering outside their cage staring at me. My parents laughed and told me the Orangutans fell in love with me and must think I look like one of them. I was a chubby girl, so this did not make feel very good about myself. What? So you are telling me I look like an Orangutan? I all ready have a bad self image and do to this day. Maybe it started when the Orangutans fell in love with me…. hmmm….
  5. I wet my bed almost every night until I was 12 years old.
  6. I picked every scab I ever had, even if it hurt and bled. I still pick my scabs and still have a terrible habit of picking my cuticles, even if it hurts and causes bleeding.. This is an example of SIB (self injurious behavior) which I have engaged in often for years. I have finally quit engaging in SIB for over three years. Yay. I will write about self injurious behavior at a later time and post.
  7. Do you remember Pudding Pops? One time when I placed the Pudding Pop in my mouth, the Pudding Pop stuck to my tongue. I could not pull the Pudding Pop off my tongue. I panicked and screamed like the little boy from “The Christmas Story” who got his tongue stuck to the frozen pole outside during winter. I pictured myself losing part of my tongue. I screamed as loud as I could with a Pudding Pop attached to my tongue. My screams soon subsided when I realized after a minute or so that the Pudding Pop would eventually melt from the heat of my tongue and would release itself. Duh! Double Duh!
  8. David Cassidy was my first true love. My huge crush on him started when I was about 7 years old. Later, when I was 30 years old, David Cassidy was selling his new CD and signing autographs in Minneapolis at the Mall of America. I waited in the long line to see him. When it was finally my I turn, I told him that he was my first true love and he said,”maybe we should rekindle the flame.” My heart melted. Your first true love will always be your true love forever and always. David Cassidy helped me survive my childhood days. I hid in my bedroom away from the abuse of my parents. He protected me by letting me stay in the shelter of my bedroom where I listened to his music over and over and daydreamed about him while staring at his pictures. Thank you David Cassidy.
  9. I love Prince and will always be a huge fan and will always miss him.
  10.  I love football and am a huge Minnesota Vikings fan! Skol!
  11. I love the show “The Walking Dead” and I love the “Walkers.” During my severe deep dark depression I feel like I am “The Walking Dead” because I feel like I am all ready dead…. just like the “Walkers.”
  12. I cannot text….. but I try. I can only text with one finger at a time… tap, tap, tap…. and I make many typos during the very slow agonizing process.
  13. I created my daughter and son-in-law’s wedding cake topper…. the bride is a duck and the groom is a monkey. It is a duck and monkey wedding cake topper. I actually do like how it turned out and I guarantee you that this is an original and there are no other one like it in the world.
  14. Woah! Wow! Slow me down! I am the “Energizer Bunny.” It is hard to believe by looking at me that I am an Energizer Bunny because I am fat. But, I am a big fat very fluffy and cuddly Energizer Bunny!
  15. I have “BIPOOPOO” Disorder and I do not like it… you let me be… I mostly do not like “BIPOOPOO DEPRESSION”… I do not like it… you let me be…..

Bye Bye Bibipoopoo Bipoopoo Bipoo Bipoolar Bipolar….

Bipolar Disorder… bye bye for now!


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