Why “My Loud Bipolar Disorder Whispers”

What is a loud whisper?

  1. The definition of LOUD is to make a lot of noise so others can hear it.
  2. The definition of a whisper is to speak very softly, especially for the sake of privacy.
  3. The terms LOUD and whisper seem to contradict themselves in meaning, but….
  4. A LOUD whisper is speaking softly in a manner that can be overheard.

Mixed episodes are when a person with Bipolar disorder experiences both mania and depression at the very same time. Now to me, this is like a LOUD whisper because the definitions of mania and depression are also opposite of each other and the words contradict themselves, just like LOUD whisper.

I named my blog “My LOUD Bipolar Whispers” because….

  1. My Bipolar Disorder is painfully LOUD to me….. but is invisible and silent to society.
  2. Most people whisper the words Bipolar Disorder. Shhh…
  3. LOUD whispers are two words combined together that have opposite meanings just like mixed episodes of mania and depression are two symptoms with opposite meanings combined together within in my brain.
  4. LOUD whispers are two separate distinct sounds battling together to be heard and not to be heard at the same time.
  5. This is very similar to the war of both mania and depression battling together at the same time inside me.
  6. My mania and depression are SHOUTING and whispering at me.
  7. I try to tune out the LOUD whispers of the mixed episode noises inside me.
  8. No one can see or hear the constant LOUD battle I have going on inside me.
  9. Unfortunately, like a whisper I have to quietly hide my Bipolar Disorder from society by hiding behind a smile mask I sometimes wear on my face and words I silently whisper to hide the pain I am in.
  10. Society does not want to hear the LOUD truth or even the whispers of my internal pain.
  11. There is a huge stigma preventing me from being truthful about my invisible illness, Bipolar Disorder.
  12. I must always tune out the LOUD whispers of the stigma of mental illness and bipolar disorder. The stigma of negative words and actions hurt deeply and are very painful.
  13. We must fight strongly to get rid of the stigma of mental illness and Bipolar Disorder by turning the LOUD whispers into LOUD beautiful SHOUTS to increase awareness and educate the public about mental illness and Bipolar Disorder.

Start turning “My LOUD Bipolar Whispers” into “My LOUD Bipolar MELODIES!”





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